Limitless is a 2011 American thriller film directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro. It is based on the novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn. The film is followed by a 2015 television series of the same name.


Eddie Morra is an aspiring author with serious writer's block whose life radically changes when an old friend introduces him to NZT, a revolutionary-but-untested new pharmaceutical drug. After taking the pill, Eddie's senses are heightened; he can recall everything he has ever read, seen or heard, comprehend complex equations and even learn any language in a day, comprehend complex equations and beguile anyone he meets—as long as he keeps taking the untested drug.

Soon Eddie takes Wall Street by storm. Eddie corners the stock market, parlaying a small stake into millions. His accomplishments catch the eye of mega-mogul Carl Van Loon, who wants the wunderkind to help broker the largest merger in corporate history. But Eddie's accomplishments have also attracted shady characters that will stop at nothing to get their hands on his stash of NZT. With his life in jeopardy and the drug's brutal side effects taking their toll, Eddie dodges mysterious stalkers, a vicious gangster and an intense police investigation as he attempts to hang on to his dwindling supply long enough to outwit his new enemies.

Cast and charactersEdit

  • Bradley Cooper as Edward "Eddie" Morra
  • Robert De Niro as Carlos "Carl" Van Loon
  • Abbie Cornish as Lindy
  • Anna Friel as Melissa Gant
  • Johnny Whitworth as Vernon Gant
  • Richard Bekins as Henry "Hank" Atwood
  • Robert John Burke as Donald "Don" Pierce
  • Tomas Arana as the Man in a tan coat
  • T.V. Carpio as Valerie
  • Patricia Kalember as Mrs. Atwood
  • Andrew Howard as Gennady
  • Ned Eisenberg as Morris Brandt